Bruce Robinson nails Jack the Ripper!!

Bruce Robinson has been researching the Jack the Ripper mystery for over fifteen years. Robinson thinks Michael Maybrick is responsible for the horrific murder of five women in the East End of London in late 1888.

Bruce Robinson is reported to have said:

"I honestly think I’ve nailed the horrible f***er"

Robinson details his theory in his new book: They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper. The book is promoted with the following write up::

"THEY ALL LOVE JACK is an absolutely riveting and unique book, demolishing the theories of generations of self-appointed experts – the so-called ‘Ripperologists’ – to make clear, at last, who really did it; and more importantly, how he managed to get away with it for so long."

Robinson's book is not just about his search for Jack the Ripper, it's also critical of the Victorian establishment. It also examines the role played by Freemasons. Allegedly Robinson can identify 330 Tory MP's as masons from the 360 or so elected at the time. Robinson goes on to explain some of the rituals performed by Jack the Ripper were consistent with the Masons. Robinson is sure Sir Charles Warren knew Jack the Ripper was a Mason, even if he didn't know is identity.

Robinson was also concerned about the behaviour of Sir Charles Warren. Until the murders of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes on September 30th, 1888, Sir Charles Warren hadn't visited any of the murder sites. On this night he is said to have visited Goulston Street to examine graffiti which had been scrawled on a wall. The graffiti read: ‘The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing.’

In an interview with the Telegraph Robinson is reported to have said about Prince Albert Victor:

"Awful, awful twat,’ Robinson says. But definitely not Jack the Ripper."

The Telegraph also says of Robinson:

"'Ripperology’ is a cult that in recent years has become an industry, largely populated, as Robinson puts it, by ‘middle-aged men with disturbing expressions’. It is a world that, 15 years’ work notwithstanding, he is at pains to distance himself from."


  1. mark taha

    Currently reading but will have to force myself to finish it.He's foul mouthed for no reason and hasn't convinced me.

  2. David King

    I've read a number of books on JTR. There is precious little evidence to support the case against most of the usual suspects. I recall the Patricia Cornwell book which was very entertaining but there wasn't a lot of actual evidence put forward to support her candidate for the Ripper, Walter Sickert. Bruce Robinson puts forward a much more convincing case for his candidate, Michael Maybrick. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence and the framework which Robinson sets out seems to fit the evidence very well and present a coherent whole.

    It also provides yet further confirmation that the diary is not a total hoax with no connection to Jack the Ripper but instead a very relevant peice of the jigsaw. If the diary was written by Michael Maybrick then it is understandable why it has been so difficult to prove the diary fraudulent and why it has shown remarkable insight into the murders.

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