Constable Edward Watkins

Constable Edward Watkins

Edward Watkins was born in St Pancras, London in 1844. He joined the City Police Force in 1871.

Constable Edward Watkins found the mutilated body of Catherine Eddowes in Mitre Square on September 30th, 1888. Catherine Eddowes was the second woman to be murdered in what has become known as the "double event".

Constable Watkins sought the assistance of George Morris of Kearley & Tonge Warehouse and Counting House. It was 1.45am and Watkins knew the nightwatchman Morris was on duty and approached him with the words "For Gods sake mate, come to my assistance". Constable Watkins stayed with the body of Catherine Eddowes until the arrival of City PCs James Harvey (964), Holland (814) and latterly Dr George Sequeira.


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